Carcinogen Alphabet: “O” for Oxazepam

Oxazepam is a benzodiazepine used extensively since the 1960’s for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia and in the control of symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. There is inadequate evidence in humans for the carcinogenicity of Oxazepam but there is sufficient...

Carcinogen Alphabet: “L” for Lindane

Carcinogen Alphabet: “L” for Lindane IARC has classified the insecticide Lindane as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1). With there being sufficient evidence in humans for the carcinogenicity of Lindane for non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). In support of the “No...

Green Guide Consultation

The 6th edition of “The Green Guide” the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds is now out for consultation by the Sports Grounds Safety Authority at - This guide is used around the world as the authoritative text for...


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