Carcinogen Alphabet: “S” for Silica

Carcinogen Alphabet: “S” for Silica Along with other health affects such as Silicosis or Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), crystalline silica in the form of either quarts or cristobalite dust can cause lung cancer, these are recognised as Group...

Carcinogen Alphabet: “R” for Radon

Carcinogen Alphabet: “R” for Radon Radon (radon-222) is a hazardous gas in many workplaces and residences in the UK with radon being the second largest cause of lung caner in the UK with up to 2,000 fatal cancer each year. A risk assessment for radon...

Carcinogen Alphabet: “Q” for Quinoline

Carcinogen Alphabet: “Q” for Quinoline Quinoline occurs in petroleum and shale oil processing, and is found in groundwater and soil at coal tar and creosote-contaminated sites. A high production volume chemical, Quinoline is used to produce a variety of...


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