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Since May 2020 SEL Group has been auditing its arrangements regarding COVID-19 using ISO 45001:2018 and this week has added the BSI general guidelines for safe Working during COVID-19. The recommendations were

Clause 4 Needs and expectations
Prepare a template for moderate vulnerability staff
Clause 5 Leadership and participation
Clause 6 Risks and Opportunities
Update guidance Track & trace Add risk assessment to website
Clause 7 Support
Clause 8 Operation & Emergency Preparedness
Update procurement procedure to reflect COVID-19 controlsConduct a drill of new emergency preparedness arrangementsRevise and update the work instructions to reflect new COVID-19 arrangements.
Clause 9 Performance Evaluation & review
Cross reference requirements with DBEIS guidelines
    Clause 10 Improvement

BSI General guidelines Safe Working during COVID-19

4.1 Context
1   Add travel to work, childcare and prevalence of COVID-19 in community to context considerations
4.2 Leadership and  participation . 
4.3 General planning
4.4 Workplaces
4.5 Roles
4.6 Activities
1    Revise and update the work instructions to reflect new COVID-19 arrangements.
4.7 Emergency preparedness
1   Add guidance regarding aggressive and violent people.
5 Resources
6 Communication
7 Hygiene handwashing & cleaning
8 Use of PPE & and face masks
9 Operations 
10 Performance Evaluation
11 Improvement


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