COVID-19 and Fire Evacuation???

“Should social distancing be maintained during an emergency evacuation such as a fire?” is a question that is being asked, the simple answer is “NO” The Government guidance for working safely during Covid-19 states that “in an emergency, eg an accident or fire, people...

Advent Calendar

Photo from Waste report Our Advent calendar has 24 tips for reducing your plastic footprint. The ideas are not ours but have been recycled from other acknowledged sources. It is a bit long but at least there is seasonal music. Download it from...

Queen’s speech includes the environment

The Queen’s speech made reference to air quality, climate change targets for 2050, a ban on the export of some plastics waste outside of the OECD and the new regulator. The Environment Bill is one of 22 submissions to be repeated in this Parliament. The Bill has...

Compliance Briefing – ECHA Update

The purpose of this briefing note is to provide  a brief summary of the HSE E Bulletin 105th Edition of the REACH Competent Authority Bulletin.  REACH List of Restricted Substances (Substances of Very High Concern) The list now contains 201 substances as four new...


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