It is now more that five years since the Rana Plaza disaster that killed 1,134 workers. Since this time there has been much activity from the global trade unions and labour rights organisations which are challenging all organisations that source from Bangladesh to take responsibility for the  workers making their products by signing the renewed Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety.

IndustriALL Global Union states that : “Brands that don’t sign the 2018 Accord are getting a free ride from the brands that do, benefiting from being able to source from safer factories without contributing to the joint effort. Support for the Accord is critical while there is still no effective national regulatory body in place that can guarantee factory safety.” The importance of this Accord should not be underestimated as in January of this year  IndustriALL and UNI reached a US$2.3 million-dollar settlement with a multinational apparel producer under the legally-binding mechanism of the Accord, to pay for repairs at more than 150 of its supplier factories. This settlement reveals the importance of maintaining a clear CSR policy consistent with Best Practice to protect workers rights regardless of the location of the workplace.


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