COVID-19 and Fire Evacuation???

“Should social distancing be maintained during an emergency evacuation such as a fire?” is a question that is being asked, the simple answer is “NO” The Government guidance for working safely during Covid-19 states that “in an emergency, eg an accident or fire, people...

Hotels and Guest Accommodation guidance.

Just checking the new guidance. There is section on security and regarding risk assessment it states…“Failure to complete a risk assessment which takes account of COVID-19, or completing a risk assessment but failing to put in place sufficient measures to...

Stringent social distancing & vulnerable workers.

HSE guidance issued today states that “stringent social distancing guidelines can be followed.” the social distancing guidance has now been withdrawn and there is no obvious definition of what this means. If that is not confusing enough there are three...

Considering personal factors in COVID19 risk assessments

The Economist Daily attributed the higher UK COVID19 death rate in part to us being the fattest people in Europe and the Financial Times published an article suggesting that obesity or excess body fat was a more important factor than heart or lung disease or even...

Travelling during COVID-19

Current UK Guidance is that we should only travel where it is essential, but with businesses opening up across the world more companies need to consider their business travel plans. The Travel Advisory Notices and Alerts provide guidance on border openings, entry...

Good Luck to all COVID-19 secure businesses opening today

The HSE is warning that it will prosecute companies that are not COVID19 secure and a LA regulator said yesterday at our webinar that enforcement action will create a level playing field for those businesses that are doing the right thing and protect the public.The...


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