FFI Dispute Consultation

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Environmental Protection, Regulations

The HSE has released a consultation on the FFI dispute process. It has decided that disputes should be considered by persons who are completely independent of HSE. This decision followed a judicial review hearing brought by OCS Group in March 2017.

A disputes panel will now look at any dispute over fees and write back with their decision. The panel considers all the relevant information before it makes a decision. This includes whether: the law allows HSE to recover the costs in the invoice, the time HSE spent on your case was reasonable and the time HSE spent on your case was recorded correctly.

If the panel agrees with you and the dispute is upheld, HSE will return any money you’ve already paid. The disputes panel is independent of HSE and consists of a lawyer as chair together with two other members with practical experience of health and safety management.


The 26 point query and dispute process can be downloaded from the HSE website.


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