Dec 30th 2019 Mark Carney made the warning on the Radio 4 Today programme which was guest hosted by Greta Thunberg. Carney stated that “If you add up the policies of all the companies out there, they are consistent with warming of 3.7 – 3.8oC. This prediction coincides with the IPPC High Emissions Pathway which suggests a distressing picture for 2080 compared with 1980 baseline.

This predicts that:

32% more projected global population will face reduced access to groundwater resources. Seven times as many people are expected to be annually exposed to the amount of water associated with 100 year flood. Many of the world’s plant and animal species will decrease by more that 50% and agricultural production and global food security could see large scale negative impacts.

This follows on from the statement last week that the Bank of England will be introducing a stress test to determine which firms and sectors will be worst hit by Climate Change.

The tone of Carney reminds me of the landmark study produced by Nicholas Stern – The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change which was  released back in October 2006.

IPPC Infographic High Emissions Pathway <3.70C


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