No Time to Lose Campaign

As part of IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign which aims to get the causes of occupational cancer better understood and help businesses to take action SEL Group Ltd has prepared an “alphabet of carcinogens”.

We have included data for substances classified as Group 1 – 2B carcinogens by the IARC as stated in their publication  “Monographs on evaluation of carcinogenic risks to humans,” as updated 27-10-17. This is by necessity, a contrived selection from  the 500 listed substances,  which reflects both our interest in a specific chemical, or the need to utilise a certain letter. We therefore hope you can forgive the use of synonyms and the absence of some important carcinogens or lifestyle factors.

We shall be releasing a substance summary each week until the alphabet is complete and have taken our data from substance-specific IARC reports, ECHA info cards and HSE information wherever possible. You may wish to prepare a similar alphabet for yourselves, and may we offer you this template on which to build your own list.

Hopefully this “alphabet” will provide an opportunity to discuss the term carcinogen in the workplace and communicate the important differences of a Group 1 (Carcinogenic to Humans) classification and the Group 2A (Probably carcinogenic to humans) and Group 2B (Possibly carcinogenic to humans). The intention of this activity is to inform  the user and not  to cause unnecessary concern.

The SEL Group Ltd alphabet of carcinogens will include the substances listed below:

A Carcinogen Alphabet
Asbestos Nickel compounds
Beryllium Oxazepam
Chromium VI Compounds Phenicarbazide
Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions Quinoline
Ethylene Oxide Radon gas
Formaldehyde Silica
Glycidol Tobacco
Hardwood Dust Ultra violet radiation
Ionizing Radiation Vinyl Chloride Monomer
JC polyomavirus Welding fumes
Kava extract X Rays
Lindane Ytterium 90
Mineral oils (used) Zidovudine

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