Plastic Thinking Programme

Here’s a sneak preview of our new training programme launching in

September 2018.

Plastic Thinking is a totally flexible approach to problem solving and the embedded issues of plastic consumption and waste. This programme is aimed at businesses and users are able to select from a variety of modules to define the level of support which best suits their organisation. From a one-day introduction course to onsite auditing and consultancy, users will be able to select and implement the most effective measures to reduce the environmental burden associated with their use of plastic. To maximise the benefits of our group learning we will be sharing good practice between those companies that choose to participate in the collaboration data set. This information will be used to identify best practice, typical associated carbon savings and to quantify the real cost of plastic use.

The Plastic Thinking programme includes: 


0.5-day Plastic Thinking summary for senior managers

A taster session which outlines key considerations for plastic thinking programme and includes creative problem-solving exercises, introduction to lifecycle thinking for everyday plastic and working through a three-stage problem scenario.

 1 Day Plastic Thinking Awareness Training

Designed for up to 20 attendees, this session will include:

Scoping this “wicked” problem, an introduction to material properties of plastic, principles of lifecycle thinking, design for environment and waste minimisation and case studies for all elements of waste minimisation. Four creative problem-solving techniques will be applied in this session.

 1 Day Plastic thinking Workshop

Designed for up to 20 attendees, candidates are encouraged to bring their own real life plastic concerns which can be incorporated into the problem-solving process. Attendees are introduced to the Pl-audit tool which is a multi-factor assessment strategy and the issues of life cycle thinking, design for environment and waste minimisation are reviewed in greater depth as attendees work through a series of plastic problem-solving exercises.  Prior attendance on the Plastic Thinking awareness session is required to attend this workshop.

The Plastic Thinking workbook will be provided to candidates that attend both training days.

 E-Learning modules

Refresher training will be available for the following subjects: Plastic Thinking Creative Problem Solving, Waste Minimisation, Life Cycle considerations and Plastifacts – a summary of the environmental issues associated with the use of plastic.

 Plastic Thinking audit & report

The Plastics Audit tool known as Pl-Audit™ is a score – based tool with set responses to the answers selected which can auto create the recommendations to be considered. The auditing tool is based on a multi-factor data set with responses to over 100 questions. However, users requiring a more focussed approach can streamline use of the audit tool to the issues of greatest concern for their organisation. The tool can also be used to compare plastic/different plastic/non-plastic options.

For organisations that would prefer a greater level of support a member of the Plastics Thinking team will come to site to assist with the Pl-Audit™ activity or conduct the Pl-Audit™ on behalf of the organisation.

 Plastic Thinking business support

 For organisations that would prefer a greater level of support a member of the Plastics Thinking team will come to site to assist with the development and implementation of the plastic improvement initiatives.

 Plastic Thinking Collaboration

 For organisations that like to adopt a collaborative approach and apply the benefits of group intelligence the Plastics Thinking team will be developing a library of learning and will share good practice advice. Metrics will be developed regarding associated carbon savings and costs and collaborating organisations will be able to benchmark their Plastic Thinking performance.


Dr. Dawn Pope – (SEL Group founder & co-owner). Dawn has a range of qualifications including a BSC in Occupational Hygiene, MSc in Environmental Pollution Science, LLM in Environmental and Health & Safety Law and a PhD in integrated risk modelling. Her experience and qualifications means she can provide you with a detailed insight into Environmental and Health & Safety issues and help to develop sustainable cost-effective improvements. As she has worked for the past ten years as a certification auditor (ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001) Dawn can also help with the certification process as well as auditing criteria.


Dr. Nicolette Lawson has a unique range of experiences and qualifications.  With a first degree in Mechanical Engineering and an Engineering Doctorate focusing on Environmental Performance Indicators in Industrial Management Systems, she has industrial experience as a Manufacturing Systems Engineer on Lean Manufacturing and Change projects and an Environmental Manager for a global manufacturing company.  Latterly her interest in personal change has led to a career in hypnotherapy, coaching and mentoring.  Nicolette is ideally placed to combine the technical and creative aspects of this Plastic Thinking project in order to be a catalyst for deeply effective, lasting change and insights for participants

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