SEL Group Ltd’s Values Statement

SEL Group Ltd is passionate about protecting people and the environment. We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, support human rights and actively protect the environment and benefit our community. We aim to inspire everyone we work with to improve their health, safety and environmental performance and make our world a safer place.

Our values

Respect      – To respect and value people, nature and the environment.
Challenge   – To go beyond compliance and aspire to best practice in all our endeavours.
Integrity      – To ensure honesty, fairness and transparency in all our activities.
Learning     – To support life long learning and enable the development of true expertise throughout our team.
Quality        – To provide the highest standard of service, and to promote continual improvement throughout our
business community.
Innovation   – To be diligent in identifying opportunities to improve our business, and to recognise and
embrace the changes necessary to maintain an impeccable standard of service.


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