On 12th Ocober SEL Group Ltd received the registration certificate from the Intellectual Property Office  for Plastic Thinking. This Trademark will be used for the family of Plastic Thinking Products which will be launched on October 31st 2018. These products include:

Plastic Thinking Training  2 day course which includes workbook exercises and case studies to show the benefits of Life Cycle Thinking, Design for Environment and Waste Minimisation in reducing the adverse impacts associated with the use of plastic.

Plastic Thinking Training 1 day course which includes the material requirements for different plastics, congruence challenges and visualisation exercises regarding the use of plastic.

Plastic Thinking Training 0.5 day course provides an introduction to the environmental issues associated with the use of plastic and an overview of the principles of material selection, design and waste minimisation and the new legal requirements regarding the management of single use plastic.

For more information on our Plastic Thinking products then email us at info@selgroup.co.uk


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