Earthday Network have identified the Top Ten animals facing extinction because of climate change.

1. Bumblebees: Rising temperatures force bees north, disrupting access to the nectar and pollen they need to survive.

2. Whales: Migration, feeding, and reproduction necessary for survival are disrupted by warming waters.

3. Asian Elephants: Habitat is disappearing due to lower rainfall and higher temperatures.

4. Giraffes: In addition to illegal poaching, shrinking habitat and disappearing food sources threaten their survival.

5. Insects: 18% of insect species will die off due to warming by 2100; if the planet warms 3.2°C, that number rises to 49%.

6. Oceanic Birds: Rising waters threaten to submerge their coastal habitats and nests completely.

7. Sharks: Difficulty hunting and lower birth rates threaten sharks as ocean temperature and acidity rise worldwide.

8. Monarch Butterflies: Monarchs can’t survive without milkweed, now being destroyed by hotter dryer land often damaged by pesticides.

9. Great Apes: With nearly 75% of forest cover at risk due to climate change, their habitat is disappearing.

10. Coral: Sustained heat stress causes coral bleaching, an often deadly occurrence in which coral starves from a loss of nutrition.

To read the full story and find out more about the Earthday network click the following link >>


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