1       Summary

A review of the COVID-19 requirements relating to the consultancy, training and auditing activities was conducted using the SEL audit template SEL0520COV19.

SEL Group Ltd had already begun preparation for working safely during COVID-19 and had commenced the risk assessment, nominated responsible person training and review of compliance requirements. This audit was conducted on 27th May and 29th May 2020 once some of the corrective actions had been completed. This audit will be repeated each month throughout the period of COVID-19 to ensure that arrangements meet the current UK government requirements for ‘Working safely during COVID-19’.     

SEL Group Ltd scored 55% on the first audit and 78% on the second audit. The individual clause scoring is shown in the graph below

The recommendations to improve the preparation for ‘Working safely during COVID-19’ include:

  1. Add relevant COVID-19 requirements to compliance tool
  2. Consult on COVID-19 arrangements
  3. Respond to any induction queries
  4. Conduct a drill of new emergency preparedness arrangements
  5. Monitor compliance with COVID-19 control arrangements
  6. Conduct Management Review of COVID-19 arrangements
  7. Update COVID-19 action tracker
  8. Track performance improvement using audit tool

The recommendations completed to improve the scores from the first audit included:

  1. Update the QEHS manual
  2. Update the H&S policy statement
  3. Complete the COVID-19 risk assessment and add to website
  4. Sign the “Stay COVID-19 Secure in 2020” notice
  5. Prepared the COVID-19 Return to work induction
  6. Commence the COVID 19 cleaning regime
  7. Amend the First Aid arrangements
  8. Amend the visitor rules
  9. Document the COVID-19 control arrangements
  10. Amend the site visit risk assessment and RAMS
  11. Establish the COVID-19 action tracker

Author:                  QA:                             Dawn Pope                                 Alan McEntire


A McEntire –  SEL Group Ltd


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